Unreal Tournament Level

First-Person-Shooter | UE4 | 2018 | 5-Week Project |
1-Person Team

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1. Playing Unreal Tournament

  • The first step to built levels for an existing game is to play the game a lot to develop an understanding of the mechanics and to get a feeling for the game’s flow
  • Playing matches against people, bots and exploring maps alone
  • Playing different game modes and maps

2. Analyzing the player behaviour of different skill levels

  • Watching gameplay footage of pro players
  • Watching casual gameplay footage
  • Exchanging messages with pro players, asking them for feedback

3. Gym Level

  • Taking metrics
  • Measuring clarity of doors & windows
  • Measuring traversal distances

4. Researching multiplayer deathmatch level design

  • Reading gamasutra articles
  • Watching GDC talks
  • Watching documentaries of how levels were made

  • Reading guides from “Bobby Ross”
  • Reading various other level design articles about FPS creation


1. Creating a flow nodemap

  • Circles are combat arenas
  • The middle circle is the biggest one, because it has the highest importance with having more connections than any other combat arena

Flowmap of the Unreal Tournament level

2. Creating a level design breakdown

Building and Iteration

Color-coded Lighting

  • Each room has a color signature (this one is blue)
  • Connectors to other rooms shine that room’s signature color on the exit
  • White light highlights important pick-ups (e.g. weapons, elevators, health)

Heatmap Data Collection

  • Data used to improve and balance flow, gameplay and pick-up placement
  • I inserted a third-party plugin to measure this data
  • Data collected by performing playtests with 5 human players over many rounds