Ronny Josch

Level Designer

Currently working as a Level Designer at Ubisoft Massive Entertainment

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A first-person, action-adventure game set in the open world of the Western Frontier of Pandora.

Project Highlights:


Technical Level Designer

Open World Activities

As the Technical Owner, I oversaw the technical side of the majority of key activities available to players in the open world.

Level Design & Gameplay Assets

Managed technical implementation of assets, served as technical owner for ammo pickups & skill flowers, and supported teams.

Animation Scripts & Cutscenes

Developed diverse animation templates, optimized workflows, implemented cutscenes & animations, and facilitated onboarding for supporting studios.

Systematic Lighting Network

Scripted a dynamic light system altering specific lights based on location conditions, such as simulating power outages or activating assets.

Technical Support

Supported teams with advanced visual scripting, testing gyms, editor icons, technical validations, prototypes, bug fixing and more.

Show & Tells

Held Show & Tell presentations, created highlight reel videos, managed footage, edited, and presented globally.


Project Exhibited

A first-player stealth game, set in the Mediterranean 1960s, created in Unreal Engine 4. Featuring branching level design, with many paths the player can take to get to their goal.

Project Highlights:

Level Design

Created 1/3 of the game's playspaces, creating blockouts, placing A.I., balancing gameplay, while maintaining cross-discipline communication.

Level Design Supervisor

In order to ensure work consistency, it was my responsibility to oversee a team of 5 level designers and to establish all building metrics & rational LD proposals

Game Design

Defined the core user experience, performed competitor analyses (genre & gameplay mechanics) and defined the macro gameplay loop.

Remote Work

Due to COVID-19 our team had to self-sufficiently work from home for half of the game's development time which required a high degree of adaptability



A cooperative 2-player twin-stick shooter in which both players share a single projectile. The levels are highly destructible and built out of voxels.

Project Highlights:

Level Design

Created 1 full level and with that 50% of the game's content. I worked at all level design aspects from research, to sketching, to building, to iterating, etc.

Level Design Lead

It was my responsibility that the environment artists and level designers communicated properly and met deadlines.


I was solely responsible for creating the level design pipelines and documentation to onboard new people joining our project.

Custom Engine

The engine was developed by programmers of our university in 6 months. We learned it in a few weeks and created the entire game with it.


Portal 2

A passion project for Portal 2, in which I created a community puzzle level, which ended up being featured on the front page of the Steam workshop.

Project Highlights:

Level Design

I used puzzle design and a variety of Portal's established mechanics, to create a challenging level for the Portal 2 community to master.

Passion Project

The project was created by myself in my own spare time, fueled by my passion for the intrigate puzzle mechanics that Portal provides.


The level was extremely well received and was featured on the front-side of the Steam Workshop. The level has a 5/5 star rating with 1000+ votes.

Community Management

I managed a lot of comments and feedback that my level received. Partly from the core Portal 2 community and partly from puzzle game fans.