About Me

About Me

Who am I?

Ever since I was a child I was mystified by the vibrant, exotic worlds of video games. But soon it was not enough for me to simply play them! I used game’s debug modes and mods to create levels for my friends to play. It was always more important for me that my friends to have fun, rather than trying to “beat” them with my levels. Now I am able to put this enthusiasm into my professional work, which I see as my passion, rather than just a way to earn money.

I love traveling and immersing myself in foreign cultures, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, learning new things and of course playing video games! I’m also learning Japanese as a hobby and have an interest in architecture.

I am currently working as a Junior Technical Level Designer at Ubisoft Massive Entertainment on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Additionally, I have a Bachelor of Science with cum laude from Breda University studying Creative Media and Game Technologies and graduated with a grade average of 9.1/10.

Why game development?

What I love about game development is that people from so many different variations, backgrounds and skillsets come together to create something that neither of them could do alone. I love to talk and work with other game developers, no matter what their specialize in!

I love level design specifically, because of the close connection the craft has with the player. The level designer creates an environment and the player directly experiences it. To see the player’s reaction is really fulfilling for me and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

Professional Skills

Level Design/Planning

Visual Scripting (Gameplay/Events)

Gameplay Balancing

Gameplay Concepting


Design Documentation

Singleplayer Level Design

Process Management

Playspace Blockouts

Multiplayer Level Design

Software Skills

Unreal Engine

Unreal Blueprints

Snowdrop Engine



Google Suite & MS Office




As a lecturer at Breda University of Applied Sciences it’s been my pleasure to mentor Ronny over the last three years. From the start he impressed me with his drive, intelligence and talent. As he has progressed through the program I’ve observed him to be passionate and disciplined about learning everything he can about game design and development, both within the planned curriculum and beyond.

The overall quantity and quality of Ronny’s work is consistently very high, and on team projects he is always one of the key contributors and consistently receives high praise in peer reviews. He is very proactive in getting feedback and learning from it, as well as providing substantive and constructive feedback to his peers.

Ronny has shown a particularly strong aptitude for level design, which manifests in his rapid iteration and playtesting cycles, his extensive and deep project research, and his proficiency with visual scripting, which also demonstrates his solid technical design skills. He can analyze the underlying structure of systems and transfer their logic onto other tasks, which often leads him to novel solutions. This also makes him a formidable strategy game player as I have seen him learn complex new games quickly. I’ve learned to recognize the moment he has figured out a winning strategy and come to terms with my inevitable loss!

I can recommend Ronny without doubt for any game design or level design position in the industry.

David Wessman, lecturer at Breda University of Applied Sciences with over 20 years of game development experience